With the following tool you can easily calculate your calorie consumption while running.

All you need is the distance you run and your body weight. These two factors have the greatest influence on calorie consumption during sports activity on flat running routes.

Calculate calorie consumption while running

Distance: in Meters

Weight: in kg

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Result: kcal

Calculation note

The formula is: distance * weight * 0.95

There are other factors that have a small effect on calorie consumption, such as age, gender, body weight, and genetics, but only to a very small degree.

Of course, calorie consumption is also increased at faster paces. However, as the maximum possible duration of exercise also decreases with increasing pace, pace plays a subordinate role in the calculation of calorie consumption.

Here is an example to make it easier to understand:

A runner weighing 70 kilograms completes two running sessions of 10 kilometers each. Once, however, within 40 minutes and once within 60 minutes. The calorie consumption is about the same in both cases (679 kcal). The formula does not take into account the duration factor. Why? Because in the fast running session, the energy expenditure is naturally greater (higher load, higher heart rate) than in the slow running session. Therefore, within the 40 minutes about the same number of calories are consumed as within the 60 minutes, because the distance traveled is exactly the same.

Relationally, of course, the load with 40 minutes is more efficient. This is because the athlete has thus consumed 665 kcal within 40 minutes, i.e. an average of 17 kcal per minute, while only 11 kcal per minute were consumed during the 60-minute unit.

To calculate the relational calorie consumption, the following tool can be used:

Advanced calculation of calorie consumption while running

So that the relational calorie consumption can also be calculated, we have developed a second tool. In this, the running duration (in minutes) is also queried. Thus, the running speed (distance / duration) is also taken into account. The following tool now also outputs the calorie consumption per hour, per minute and per kilometer:

Calculate effective calorie consumption while running


Distance: Meters

Weight: kg

Duration: Minutes

Note: Please provide complete numbers only

Result: kcal Total

Result: kcal per Minute

Result: kcal per Hour

Result: kcal per km

How accurate are the results?

An exact calculation is of course not possible, but this also applies to running watches and running apps that record the calories burned while running. They also use the data that is recorded via GPS and heart rate. Accordingly, there should not be too many differences when comparing the calorie results between the running watch and this tool. However, there is one exception:

With running watches and apps, the heart rate has a very large influence on the calculated calorie value. Especially even if there is no body weight data, but unfortunately even if the body weight is specified. The consideration of heart rate in the calculation of calorie consumption is, according to the current state of running watches, very problematic and prone to error. At least when the heart rate measurement is done directly via the sensors of the watch, i.e. without a chest strap. According to our many years of experience, these data are sometimes completely unusable. It regularly happens that the heart rate is above average during relaxed endurance runs and above average during tempo runs - an absolutely unrealistic scenario. The values are even more unreliable for loads with high fluctuations, such as interval training.

In such cases, the calculations via this tool are much more reliable, as no incorrect values are guaranteed to be included in the calculation.

How can I estimate the calorie consumption while running in advance?

There is a little trick to estimate the calorie consumption in advance. You only need to know your weight. This value or minimal less of it is your calorie consumption per kilometer. That means, if you weigh 70 kilograms, you will consume about 65 - 67 kcal per kilometer while running. On 10 kilometers this would result in 650 - 670. So just multiply weight with running distance (in km) and calorie consumption while running can be calculated in advance.

Simple formula to pre-calculate calorie consumption while running:

Weight (in kg) = calories burned per kilometer.
Weight (in kg) * distance (in km) = calorie consumption for the entire running session.

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