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With around 20,000 participants, the Jerusalem Marathon is the largest running event in Israel.

In addition to the marathon, the half marathon, the 10-kilometer run and the 5-kilometer run are other fringe events, with the smallest field of participants being found in the marathon.

Winners always from Kenya or Ethiopia

The largest starting field was to be found on 29 October 2021 over the 10 kilometers, where in the past around 10,000 runners took part. Over the five kilometers and the half marathon, there were more than 5,000 starters last time, and at least 2,000 daredevils in the marathon. In 2021, of course, the field of participants was not quite as large due to the restrictions.

Nevertheless, after a break of more than two and a half years, the Jerusalem Marathon was finally able to celebrate its tenth anniversary. It had been 960 days since the last marathon in the Israeli city. In the previous nine editions, runners from Kenya or Ethiopia always won.

Results Jerusalem Marathon 2021:

All results and pictures from the Jerusalem Marathon

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