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After a break of more than two and a half years, the Lisbon Half Marathon (EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa) could finally be held again this Sunday.

It was March 17, 2019 when the Lisbon Half Marathon could give its last edition so far. Almost 1,000 days later, one of the fastest marathons in the world was finally allowed to make a comeback.

A course for world records

From 2010 to 2018, after all, Zersenay Tadese held the men's half marathon world record. At the time, he ran an outstanding time of 58:23 minutes in Lisbon over 11 years ago, which was only improved thanks to the new technology of carbon running shoes. However, this time is still the course record in Lisbon. In the women's race, Susan Chepkemei has even held the course record for 20 years. The runner from Kenya ran an outstanding 65:44 minutes in 2001.

Olympic medalists the big star

Normally, more than 30,000 participants line up at the starting line of the Lisbon Half Marathon. This year, due to the current situation, there were significantly fewer. However, some strong participants from abroad could still be signed up. The big top star was Jacob Kiplimo. The runner from Uganda is after all the reigning half marathon world champion and the second fastest half marathon runner of all time. This year, he ran to third place in the 10,000 meters at the Olympic Games as one of the top favorites. Anything was expected of him over the half marathon distance in Lisbon. Because with a personal best of 57:37 minutes, set in Valencia in December 2020, he takes 2nd place in the perpetual world best list.

Strong Ethiopian

In the women's race, Tsehay Gemechu led the field. The Ethiopian already ran a course record of 65:08 minutes at the half marathon in Copenhagen in September. The last edition two and a half years ago was won by Ethiopian Mosinet Geremew. At that time he was one of six runners with a time under 60 minutes with a time of 59:37 hours. In the women's race, the Kenyan Vivian Cheruiyot triumphed at that time in 66:34 minutes.

New world record by Jacob Kiplimo

It was a thriller of seconds until the last meter. For a long time, Jacob Kiplimo even had the chance of a time under 57 minutes. With 40:27 minutes, Kiplimo already achieved a world best time over the 15-kilometer distance here after 15 kilometers. After that, however, Kiplimo had to slow down a bit. With 57:31 minutes, however, he saved just one second on the previous world record from last year. Kiplimo was more than two minutes ahead of runner-up Huseyidin Mohamed of Ethiopia.

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In the women's race, however, there were no great times. Tsehay Gemechu clocked 66:06 for her second international half marathon win this fall. Only 13 seconds separated the top 3.

Results Lisbon Half Marathon 2021 - Men

1 Jacob Kiplimo 00:57:31
2 Huseyidin Mohamed Esa 00:59:39
3 Gerba Beyata Dibaba 00:59:39
4 Hillary Kipkoech 00:59:41
5 Ibrahim Hassan Bouh 00:59:41
6 Milkesa Menghesa Tolosa 00:59:48
7 Antenayehu Dagnachew Yisma 00:59:48
8 Edmond Kipngetich 00:59:49
9 Isaac Kipsang Temoi 00:59:52
10 Solomon Berihu Weldeslassie 01:00:00
11 Wilfred Kimeli Kimitei 01:00:03
12 Fabiano Nelson Sulle 01:00:57
13 Vedic Kipkoech Cheruiyot 01:01:06
14 Awet Habte Ghebrezghiaber 01:01:23
15 Mogus Tuemay Abrha 01:01:43
16 Morgan Le Guen 01:02:22
17 Hermano Ferreira 01:03:33
18 Wellington Da Silva 01:03:36
19 Karl Junghannb 01:03:42
20 Nicolae Alexandru Soare 01:04:30
21 Aras Kaya 01:04:37
22 Hendrik Pfeiffer 01:05:17
23 Fábio Oliveira 01:05:18
24 Emanuel Giniki Gisamoda 01:06:22
25 Ricardo Pereira 01:06:48
26 Severino Felipe 01:08:14
27 José Gaspar 01:09:26
28 Tiago Pereira 01:09:48
29 João Fernandes 01:09:52
30 José Moreira 01:10:18

Results Lisbon Half Marathon 2021 - Women

1 Tsehay Gemechu Beyan 01:06:06
2 Daisy Cherotich 01:06:15
3 Joyce Chepkemoi Tele 01:06:19
4 Hiwot Gebrekidan Gebremaryam 01:08:00
5 Vibian Chepkirui 01:08:02
6 Ethlemahu Sintayehu Dessi 01:08:16
7 Yitayish Mekonene Agidew 01:08:18
8 Jess Piasecki 01:09:44
9 Tsige Haileslase Abreha 01:10:31
10 Debash Kelali Desta 01:11:01
11 Catia Santos 01:11:15
12 Mercyline Chelangat 01:11:37
13 Tekan Amare Bere 01:11:57
14 Marcela Joglova 01:15:09
15 Rafaela Almeida 01:16:56

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